1 March 2008


This week's Scatterday is brought to you by the orange letter O, and the categories: Something you would find in a library, Sweet things, and Hawaiian.

[I was very tempted to do the open letter O (C) and photograph a catalogue of Hawaiian cakes, but decided against that. Michelle would probably have banned me!]

So, here are my O things.

In the library, there are lots of O things.

There is an Office, an Out desk, Omnibuses, Oliver Twist,
an Overhead projector, an Onscreen catalogue, authors names starting with O, Obsolete magazines, Overdue notices, Out of Print books, books published by Oxford University Press, and also Oxford Dictionaries.

I didn't want to outrage the staff, or alarm the Old borrowers, so I only took One photo.

This Oxford French Dictionary is published by Oxford U.P.

Sweet things. I was going to bake some sweet Orange and Oatmeal cookies, but hey, who has time?

So instead, we have my sweet smelling Orange coloured, Olive Branch shower gel from Lush. The fragrance is devine.

Now Hawaiian...

The first thing that popped into my head, was Hawaii OOOOO!

Technically, not an O thing, but just to give it an excuse to be here, I have done 5 Hawaiian things.

First, we have Barack Obama, Hawaii-born Illinois Senator.

Next, we have this Odd little gnome from Hawaii.

Then we have the Hawaiian village of Ookala. The Old Mamalahoa Highway runs near it, and the Ookala Rd goes into it. There are also lots of Open country around it.
This is a photograph of my computer screen showing Google earth's map picture.

This is the Ocean around Hawaii.

Hawaiian speech has a glottal stop as a consonant. In writing, it can be indicated with the apostrophe, or with the opening single quote (ʻokina).
In Hawaiian-language newspapers published from 1834–1948, the spelling Hawaii was used. However, in texts written mainly for Hawaiian-language pedagogy, especially since 1950, the modern Hawaiian-language spelling used is Hawaiʻi, with an okina written between the final two vowels.


  1. Love you five O's particularly Obama .. he has been such a hot topic lately and yet no-one else thought of him.
    Personally I would have liked the biscuit recipe ... but then I am supposed to be losing wieght and DH wouldn't have let me cook them!

  2. I used to love Hawaii Five-O.... book im Danno!

  3. Excellent! All those Hawaiian things! Didn't know Obama was Hawaiian. And my sister worked for Oxford University Press until last year!

  4. oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh! All tooooooooo much for me!

  5. Lindi you went Overboard with O's, lots of very clever ones as well... I'll bet that Orange Olive Branch Shower Gel is lovely and a lot nicer than the one David bought for me - Chocolate Cookie!! There are plenty of places good chocolate should be put but in Shower Gel isn't one, trust me it's not!

  6. as usual an Oracle of Observations.
    Well done Lindi.