8 March 2008


This week's Scatterday is brought to you by the letter V, and the categories: Pink, Big, and Signs.

My vitality was void this week, as I was invaded by a virus and was unable to vacate the premises, not even in my valiant little vehicle.

My vision was to head to the Volvo centre via the Volkswagons, but I vascillated too long.

I remembered there was a bike shop near one of these, that sold Vespas. As I couldn't get there, I decided to venture into the vault of Google, and vamoosed out with these.

So here for your viewing pleasure :

Pink Vespas! Aren't they cute? Wouldn't you love one Di J?

Vespa Signs

And look how BIG Vespas are in Italy!


  1. Vespas are very big in Italy and most of Europe. I remember seeing the cheap ones in the '60's and they'd chuff chuff along till they came to a hill, then the rider had to pedal like mad... Oh maybe I'm wrong I think they might been Moped's! Oh well same sort of thing and we don't see them in Australia much do we!

  2. Yep, I'd love one of those pretty pink babies! Great work again, Lindi!(Were you really sick?)

  3. Oh, we need one of those! Not pink, though. We're going to Pennie's!

  4. Vespas are just starting to get a following here. There's a couple I see around fairly regularly.

    Yes, Di, I really was sick. Still not entirely well. Might have to go to doctor's on Monday if I can't get a handle on it today. Don't want asthma kicking in.

  5. Hey Gnomes, does Pennie know? She's welcome to you at the moment. I've seen what you've been up to!

  6. The Scot had a Vespa when we lived in England. That was until he bought the Norton Dominator motorbike. I mean I wouldn't have married a Vespa man would I?

  7. Poor Lindi - sick in her bed and nothing but vespas to keep her comonay. Perhaps I can get the gnomes round for a visit.