22 March 2008


Somebody had to do it, so I figured it might as well be me!

This week, we have the letter N and the categories: little things, human, and mineral.
A human Nipple, surrounded by a ring with a little Nacre pearl. (Nacre contains calcium carbonate, which is a mineral!)
BTW, this is NOT my nipple! It is a male nipple, so is quite OK to show on a family blog.
Last weeks Scatterday answers:
1. Liquid measuring container
2. Light dimmer switch
3. Label maker (dymo)
4. Light source and light bulb (yes, it was a torch)
5. Lint roller
6. Lens (from a very old film camera)
7. Lipstick dispenser (the twist part)
8. Label applicator for CDs
9. Liquid paper
10. Lead pencil
11. Level (spirit)
12. Ladle with light reflections
13. Loofah
14. Loud speaker, left hand one
15. Loo button (yes the "old fashioned" type, Dy!)
I have posted the responses for the quiz in last weeks Scatterday comments. Worth reading for a chuckle.
It was hard to decide who actually won, as no matter what criteria I used to award points, all 3 came out equal. I decided to pick which one amused me the most, but all 3 were equal there, too!
So the only thing to do, I have decided, is to award all 3 a little something.
However, you do have to let me know your snail mail addy. I am not going to chase you for it, so if you don't read this, you'll never know, will you? LOL


  1. Anonymous22/3/08 14:09

    I think you win, Lindi. I can't imagine of us being so brave as to include a nipple. LOLOL

  2. lol finally not another nose well done....

  3. Or even creative enough to manage to find everything in one on this topic. Top marks

  4. Oh well done. Is this a nipple you know personally? LOL I'll bet Andrea wishes she thought of it.

  5. umm well done but what have the Gnomes to say about it.

  6. LOL ... I guess someone had to be Naughty!

    I only just thought of something I should have posted a photo of - my NAVEL
    [andrea grabs camera and ... you can guess the rest!]

    btw, I am surprised that only 3 of us had a go at guessing all those Lovely L things - thanks for running that Little contest, Lindi!

    (hmmm blogger hates me at the moment ... this is the 3rd time I have typed a comment in here - it crashed/came up with "can't load page" or something and and lost the other 2! ... if one of the others did actually work please feel free to delete this one ... I hope it behaves when I try and post my Navel photo!)

  7. I just Noticed something
    - in Lindi's list of "favrourites" my blog URL is first ... and last!
    hmmm - in there twice - am I that good?! LOL
    (or am I a split personality and both of me are in there? lol)
    oh well ... either way, I don't mind - LOL
    (after posting that photo of my NAVEL - I probably won't even be IN anyone's lists of "favourites" any more! lol)

  8. Heaven forbid, a NIPPLE!!! I'm so glad it's not yours Lindi, I think I'd fall down in a dead faint. :-)
    Congratulations on being brave and naughty!

  9. LOL We have one of those nipples in this family, it happened when he was about 16 or 17 and when I saw it I freaked out and asked him what his father thought... he managed to keep it hidden from his father for about 5 years can you believe!! he was very quick to flip a towel over his right shoulder when he was bare chested and his father was around. LOL funny now! Would this family member be Bad Boy Tomos or Goody Goody two shoes Gwilym I wonder!! :-)