30 March 2008


This week's Scatterday is brought to you ( Xtremely late) by the letter X.

Some of you may have thought I was suffering from a Xeransis of ideas. No, I have simply been Xceedingly busy!

However, I do have to warn you, one photo in this collection could be considered X rated!

First up, we have some XS Energy drinks.
Great tasting, and doesn't contain any of those nasty X chemicals.

I have been pulling out a garden bed, and found this log has been eaten at the ends by xylophages. They had moved on by the time I found it, bit the evidence of their attack is definitely there.

This Xiphophyllus plant has been moved from the old garden, to a new spot against the fence. It is also xeromorphous, which means it is ideal for climates requiring xerophytic vegetation.

And what good is an X category without a Xavier Roberts signature on the rear end of an original Xavier Roberts Cabbage Patch Doll!

This is Giselle Nellie, who, at one stage, was carted every where, and had her own seat belt and car seat, came grocery shopping, went to pre-school, had birthday parties, complete with little presents, etc, etc, etc.
It even reached a point where DH and I talked about, and to her as if she was really our grandchild!


  1. Cabbage Patch Dolls - now that brings back memories! As a mother of sons, we still looked out for them at boot sales etc for other friends. I think I missed out on a lot in that era!

  2. love them all. What a wealth of ideas you come up with.

  3. Yep had to go to the Dictionary again! Did you actually know these X words?? LOL Very clever of you!
    Xeransis - loss of moisture in the tissues
    xylophages Any living organism that feeds on wood.
    I found X very easy and a lot of fun but I'm really struggling with A would you believe.

  4. Pennie - I read the X section and then was lucky enough to have the relevant things around! LOL
    Xeransis in my dictionary actually says "drying up" so i was using it loosely.
    I did know xyster but couldn't get a photo of one.