2 April 2008

Journal Quilts

I am participating in a Journal Quilt project with AusNZArtquilters this year. I am very new to fibre art and fibreart quilts, so you won't see anything mind blowing yet, but these are my efforts for January and February.

January: "Sailing into Winter"

The theme was seasons, and as we were in the middle of summer (not my fave season) my thoughts were already turning to cooler months. I love Autumn best, but I wanted to get a bit more experience before tackling that, so i decided on winter. Besides, no one else had done winter, so I felt sorry for it!

I used the reverse side of a piece of grey fabric as a base for this, and painted washes of mauve and grey over areas of it.
I then needle felted (with my embellisher) some purple abaca tissue and purple silk rovings down one side,
added purple threads, cords and more silk,
stitched them down,
appliqued raw edged scraps of black and red,
needle felted areas of them,
added white batting pulled apart and white angelina fibres,
quilted and stitched all over that.

February: "It's not all black & white"

The theme was graffiti and colour, using collage
Give me a theme and my thoughts immediately seek the twist!

I used black felt as backing for this. I cut it shorter than the A4 size, and then made a smaller than A4 quilt by appliquing a collage of scraps of various black and white print fabrics, adding a small amount of angelina fibres, and machine embroidering them down.
I then coloured (with gel pens) a few tiny areas, painted on the words black & white (upside down A and back to front E),
and attached it to the felt. (the end size is A4, with 2 corners appearing to be removed)
I wrote the words "it's not all" on white fabric, cut them out, and fused them down the side.

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  1. I am very impressed. Very clever.