17 April 2008

Scatterday X 2

Life has been very hectic this last couple of weeks! Lots of unexpected stuff, deadlines to meet, yadayada...
So, here are my Scatterdays (with apologies for the spacings. I have just spent nearly an hour trying to get the layout right, and what shows in the preview, is not what I am getting in the post!):

Firstly, the letter K (from last week) with categories: Things I Like the Smell of, Hobbies, and Office Things.

Kraft Tomato sauce. (This is a takeaway sachet. By the time I resized it and cropped it, there was hardly anything left of it!)

More sauce! KanTong satay! Yumm!

The best smell of the lot: a Karma Bubble Bar slice from Lush! My second favourite Lush product.

My Kumihimo Disk, for making braids.

My DH's collection of Katana.

DH's practice "sword" for Kendo, a Japanese Martial Art.


Key tags! Every office has key tags to label the numerous keys that seem to gather there.

A KIT for First Aid! an Occupational Health and Safety necessity.

You beaut Kilometrico pens.

And this week's Scatterdays:

The letter T, and the categories: Square things, Blue, and, In My Neighbourhood.

My Thread Heaven thread conditioner! It's blue, is a square container, and lives in the neighbourhood of my sewing machine.

This Ten Dollar note is blue, has been folded into a square (well almost!) and there are lots of them in my neighbourhood, I'm sure!

My blue Topaz ring. It's not square, but the photo has been cropped to a square. (I've also smudged the background - much nicer than my fingers!) It used to live in a different part of my neighbourhood. (It was my Grandmothers - she used to live 3 blocks away)

Trees! Most of us will probably have trees, but there are so many in my neighbourhood, I couldn't 'leaf' them out. This one is in my front yard. Aren't the leaves beautiful?

The reason my Scatterday is being posted after midnight -
Treasure Island! Currently being performed by a Junior Repertory in the neighbourhood (Unfortunately, the programme isn't square, nor is it blue)


  1. Phew - that was a catch up. Very clever thinking as always.

  2. Trees....my favourite place to be on a summer day ..sitting under a tree watching the world go by .. or more likely too engrossed in a book to notice it has gone by.
    also love Treasuue I sland but prefer the muppet version ..one day I will grow up.

  3. Couldn't help yourself, could you, Lindi - that pun just slipped in!!!! I've always thought you were barking mad (grin).