10 April 2008


Announcing the winners of the giveaways at my Party last weekend....drumroll....

Coming soon!xxx ...Now Here!


OK! It is now 10.30pm and I have thrown the numbers into the hat (well, a jar actually).

Here's the first number to come out ...this will be the main winner.....Number 5!


Now, for 2 little fun prizes ... number 9 ...and ...number 4!

Shequilts! and Fran!

Congratulations! Send me your snail mail addy, ladies, so I can send your prizes.

The 4,000th visitor didn't leave a comment to let me know (ooohhh...) so I will make and send an ATC or postcard to the first person who leaves a comment on Friday 11th April. You won't know if it's you, though, until I approve the comments. (Lissa's comment was on Thursday, so it's not her)


  1. hahaha
    you are a tease!


  2. Well it won't be me ... because it isn't even Friday any more ... and if nobody else has beaten me then something is very wrong! LOL

  3. and it wont be me because I am all behind like the dogs tail. thank goodness you haven't got your usual Scatterday Epistle Up Yet lol

  4. Hi Lindi!
    Congratulations on your blogging anniversary...you've reminded me that I ought to check my own...it's about at this same time. Anyway, your wonderful trades for CYBER FYBER arrived safely here in South Carolina. Thank you ever so much! I adore them!