17 June 2008

Bitter sweet moment

Today, I picked up my DD's beautiful Wedding Gown.

The wedding is not until the end of September, but on Thursday, she and I are flying up to her Grandparents' and taking the gown with us.

Mum and Dad both have cancer, and while Mum is doing ok on chemo tablets at the moment, Dad does not have very long to live. We expect it will be quite soon, so we are going up with the gown, for her to try it on and show him his only Grandaughter in her wedding dress.

He has always been very proud of his Grandchildren, and always said he would make a speech at her wedding. I expect this to be a very tearful occasion, but it is something she wants to do, and so do I.

We only pray that we will get there in time for him to wake long enough to see her.

Please remember us in your prayers.


  1. speedy travelling. hugs sheila

  2. Love and godspeed on your journey.

  3. Hi Lindi...thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment....
    I will think of you and your daughter on your special visit...it's a wonderful thing you are doing.

  4. Anonymous19/6/08 22:22

    All the best Lindi. What an amazing journey that I am sure will be cherished and remebered fondly in the future. How beautiful but I hope and pray you will be there in time and will both have the strength.

  5. I wanted to see who you were, after you left a kind comment on my blog.

    I am so sorry to hear of the illness with your folks. Showing him his grandaughter's dress is just too dear. Stay strong and loving.

  6. What a beautiful idea, Lindi. I hope with all my heart that he gets to see his grand daughter in her wedding dress.

  7. God Bless You All! May you have the courage to get through these difficult times - hang onto your beautiful memories of the past and I'm sure there will be beautiful times ahead.
    Best wishes - Lurline.

  8. What a dear girl to want to let him see her in her wedding gown while he still can.

  9. Anonymous28/6/08 23:09

    What a wonderful thing to do and it made me cry, that is what family is all about.