27 June 2008

End of a busy busy week


Regarding our visit to Dad last week: it was beautiful. Dad had been taken to Palliative care that morning, so we went straight from Coolangatta airport to the hospital at Lismore, arriving about 7pm.

After we had seen Mum and Dad, the nurses showed us a room where DD could get changed. She then walked down the corridor to the delight of the nurses and a couple of patients.
It was a lovely time. Tears, laughter, hugs, stories.

Dad told her that the dress was exactly what he would have wanted her to choose.
I took lots of photos, which we can't show anyone yet. They will be a wonderful memory for her.

Dad looked so bad, we didn't expect him to survive the night, but his body is hanging on.

He is not at all well, but would you believe the hospital sent him home yesterday?!
It seems Palliative Care (where he was) is not an Hospice. The difference? An Hospice is where you go for your final days/weeks. Palliative care is where you go to get well enough to either go back home, or if unable to be cared for there, to go to a Nursing Home.
There is no Hospice up there, where Mum and Dad live, so even though he has only been shuffling to the toilet for a couple of days with a walker, he is apparently well enough to go home - to be cared for by Mum, who is currently on chemo tablets and is not well herself.
When I left, it was to assurances that he would be in Palliative Care for at least another 2 weeks.

I will fly back up next week sometime, probably on the 6th.

Meanwhile, I came home to lots of medical appointments for my DMIL. She had to have scans this week to see if the cancer they recently detected in her lymph gland has spread. The results today show no sign of it being anywhere else, thank goodness. She will have surgery a week Wednesday for that.
I have also been taking her to another specialist this week. She had to see an Opthalmologist and is now scheduled for cataract surgery next week on one eye. She will need both eyes done, as well as having surgery later on her lower eyelids, as they have drooped considerably and the tears just run out. Poor thing is in for quite a time of it!

At least it was welcome news that the cancer hadn't spread further! A good birthday present for her 85th Birthday!


  1. What a lot to deal with for you, all at the one time. I'm so happy for your Dad that he got to see his granddaughter in her wedding dress.....

  2. Oh, Lindi, what a loving thing to do! I was brought to tears by your description of your DD showing off her wedding dress. Prayers and hugs for the days ahead. You are such a loving girl, and I'm sure your dad, mum and MIL all treasure you.

  3. Dear Lindi,
    God bless you for being there for everyone!
    Look after yourself, please.
    Best wishes - Lurline.

  4. Oh Lindi, I'm so glad that the visit went well. Sending love and good thoughts for your folks and DMIL.

    I've worked in ophthalmology for 24years--cataract surgery has improved so much and generally HELPS so much. I'll send good thoughts for that as well as the lid work.

    Happy to read your news.