12 June 2008

Sydney SCQ Challenge

A while ago, Pennie, from Sydney Scquilters , ran a competition on their blog. Lissa was the winner, and I won a special prize, as I came in equal second, but had never been to a GTG there.

Our prize was a Challenge! (Thanks, Pennie!) We were sent a lovely Sydney SCQ mug filled with black and white fabric scraps, and we had to make something using a bit of every piece of fabric, plus one other fabric of our choice.

We were supposed to have it finished by the first of June, but as I was called away to my parents for 2 weeks, I am running late. I hope to have mine finished by the end of this weekend, providing nothing else gets in the way. (I had almost finished it when I left for Mum and Dad's)

Here is what Pennie sent us (the photo is from Pennies site, which shows the wrapped gift, the gift unwrapped, ie the mug and contents, and the fabrics layed out.)

I promptly chopped the fabrics up into two and a half inch squares:

and chose my extra fabric:

Nice and bright, don't you think?

As soon as I finish my little quilt, I will post it on this blog, and, I dare say, Pennie will post it on the Sydney SCQuilters blog.


  1. Looking good for your black & white. Love that bright fabric!

    Thanks for visiting mine, & leaving a comment.
    I used to go to a Dentist down in Sydney who had the cater to cowards motto. He was really good too, & I hated having to leave him behind. In fact I went back down to see him 3 times!

  2. 2 1/2 inches!!!!! Mmmmm looking forward to seeing this challenge! Like the bright fabric as well.