13 June 2008

Sydney Scquilters Challenge ctd...

When my sister and I were children, my Grandmother used to make the most delicious drinks for us. One of our favourites was what she called a Lime Spider. She would put a scoop of icecream in a tall glass and pour in lime cordial.

When I saw the fabric Pennie had sent me, I immediately noticed the piece with the little green spiders and their webs. I loved the fabric and it didn't take me long to remember the Lime Spiders Nana used to make.

And so, I give you my challenge quilt....


Detail from Lime SpĂ­ders' Revenge:

gotta love those Swarovski crystal eyes! The large spider's fangs are pieces of a kite tail. The straws are pieces of one of the white fabrics, appliqued on, then orange stripes drawn on with texta.

and that lovely bright green fabric with happy children playing? yep. right here! lol The "foam" is made from bits of clouds on the green fabric.

So, Pennie, do I pass the challenge?


  1. You don't just pass Lindi!!!!!!! YOU WIN! Pity there isn't another prize but there again I could go and look in my sewing room... LOL
    I loved Spiders (the drink and the real thing) I used to love Diet Coke Spiders until one waitress said she thought my order was a joke!! :-)

  2. So stinkin' cute . . . and creative!

  3. I luv it - you clever girl.

  4. Very cute, Lindi. I forgive you for having a break from ATCs. I do like this.

  5. What a fun quilt! And I love the teapots in the other post!