18 October 2008


Do you like them? They are for my next project. I'm cutting them out tonight.

Can you guess what I am making with them?



  1. hmmm
    knowing myself as well as I do, a mess probably! LOL
    the mystery quilt perhaps???

    and fancy you making something in purple and green too???

  2. Love the colors, Lindi. Is your sewing room still all neat and tidy?

  3. Well, let's just say it's not pristine anymore! lol
    I now have fabric pulled out of one of the drawers, waiting to be put back, and the pattern is a bit scattered. Some of the wadding has fallen out of the wardrobe - I was searching for my pellon - and the ironing board is up.
    All can be fixed in about 5 minutes!

    No, Lissa, it's not the mystery quilt. I'm passing on that one.

  4. Lindi - I love the colors, and cant wait to see the finished result