16 October 2008

My Sewing Room

I have finally finished organising my craft/sewing room.

From the doorway:

The bookcase near the open door (my ironing board hides behind the door):

The wardrobe near the bookcase (one side has coats and bags, the other side has drawers with batting, templates, etc, etc); and my cutting out table, which used to be a teacher's table (current projects sitting on top):
The other desk (not the one with my sewing machine), which gets used for all sorts of things, including embellishing and sometimes extra sewing:
Both desks have these Sabco Stakka Drawers underneath, as well between them and 2 on top with WIPs. Notice they are now all labelled, but the drawer for blue is overflowing!

And here is my little bookcase with my magazines. Eventually, my design wall will be here, as well. I will need to find somewhere else for my noticeboard, but that won't be too hard.

These jars on the bookcase hold ribbons and buttons - very pretty.

And something for Pennie - my small collection of Matroushka/Babushka Dolls. There are more dolls inside these, I just show a few.



  1. Your sewing/craft room looks very organized, and you have loads of stuff. My sewing room looks similar, but not quite so tidy as I sent all day yesterday repairing clothes which are now all over the floor.
    I love your little Russian dolls.

  2. What a lovely space you have to create in. I'm very envious.

  3. My sewing room looked like that once upon a time! Maybe next week it will again.

  4. OH DEAR! I cannot cope.
    You would die if you put your nose in here and it is about all that anyone can fit in.......have been meaning to tidy all week and each time I attack it I make it worse.
    Now that is just too too neat.

  5. You've set the bar high, and I'm sooooooo impressed! We expect great creativity to flow from this space shortly - no pressure there!!!

  6. Ah, but don't forget that I have just finished organising it.
    Who knows what it will look like once I get back into actually doing some sewing! lol

  7. MMmmmm I have a few like the girls on the left, one similar to the round blue and white ladies and maybe the next. I know for sure that I have the boys on the far right! Thanks for showing me. Maybe I should share some more of mine.

  8. Hi Lindi, October must be the month for tidying/organising our sewing rooms. I not long ago did the same thing.Regards Lyn

  9. Waahhhaaaa.......I want a sewing room!!!!! Sob Sob Sob