25 November 2008

Thank yous and more sadness

Thank you everyone for your loving and supportive comments. They meant (and still mean) so much to me. While away, I was unable to access the internet fully, but i was able to read your comments on my mobile phone. They helped me get through the week more than you would imagine.

Dad's passing felt surreal. It still does. He was larger than life and very much our rock. Mum is taking it very hard. They have (had) been married for 54 years and 10 months and did nearly everything together. It has been hard for her these last 12 months, but she at least had him there to hold hands and hug. The hardest thing for her is that she will no longer see him in the flesh.

Tuesday and Wednesday were hard, organising the funeral etc, but at least we had people popping in and lots of hugs, happy memories and tears together. Thursday was perhaps the hardest. Everything was organised and we hardly saw anyone. On top of that, it was my birthday, and Mum wrote out her first card just from her. That led to more crying.

DH and DD were travelling up that day, too, but had to leave late as my gorgeous darling 15 and a half year old cat, Minka, was very sick and needed to go to the vet's first.
The vet decided he needed to put her on a drip and run blood tests and xrays.

Dad's cremation was Friday - a beautiful small family only service, though lots of tears.
After the service, we had a phone call from the vet, asking for permission to operate on Minka, but letting us know that she may not survive the surgery.

Dad's celebration service was held at his church that afternoon. The church was packed with people honouring my dad. It was a beautiful service and certainly gave us some peace.

Later that afternoon, we had word from the vet that my beautiful loving companion had passed away. That was so hard to hear. The worst of it was that i had not been there for her and had not seen her for over a week.
For 15 and a half years, she has been my constant companion around the house and in the office, choosing to sleep wherever i was working. Coming home last night and not being greeted by her was so hard, and today, i keep expecting her to walk in and meow at me that she wants her salmon.
This afternoon, i will go over and collect her body and bring her home to be buried.



  1. So much sadness...I am sorry.

  2. I've lost my father and I've lost pets but I can't imagine both in the same week - my thoughts are with you.

  3. Oh Lindi, I'm so sad for you. She looks a gorgeous cat, so companionable. Please keep her photo there on your blog. More Hugs...

  4. lindi, so sorry to hear your updated news.. it does get easier.. I can honestly tell you that.. doesn't seem like it now though.. but I am thinkin about you..

    its 12 months TODAY since mum passed away, was a very hard day, there is not one day I dont think about her..

    and your puss puss too.. dont feel sad you weren't with her, remember her how she was, and how you spent all but this past week with her..

    take care and hugs to you..


  5. Lindi you are in my thoughts.
    Take care - hugz and love for you and yours.

  6. Oh Lindi, I'm so sorry to hear about Minka. I always feel that each animal finds the right person for a reason. I'm just so glad that she found you. Sending hugs from here.

  7. So so sorry that this was the time Minka had to leave you. I know when I am sad the soft fur is so comforting. Hugs and hope you will be able to open your heart to another little furry one when the time is right.

  8. Hold on Lindi.
    I'm so sorry...you do seem to have had your share of sadness this year.
    Great Big heartfelt hugs to you and yours.

    Robyn xx

  9. Anonymous3/12/08 11:28

    Dear Lindi

    A big quilting hug from me too you.