29 November 2008

and life moves on...

How does one start blogging "normally" again? It seems trite to just jump in and post the usual, when i am still grieving. So, to smooth the path back to normality, here are some of my favourite photos of Dad, and of Minka.

The BEST Dad in the world:
Dad solved our problems, nursed us when we were sick - Mum heaved with us if we were over the sick bowl :-) - made kickapoo juice (his name for hot lemon drinks), boosted our confidence, and encouraged us to take an avid interest in the wonders of nature.

My beautiful and loving Minka. She was 15 1/2 years old, but still played like a kitten.



  1. I don't think anything is ever quite 'normal' again. It becomes more normal - but that's it. Grieving is good - and necessary and don't feel odd to do it on you blog. It's a good thing - and we have all experienced such looses & can understand. I lost 3 beloved 4 pawed ones in six weeks this year - it was rough - still is. Pop died 10 years ago and mother 36 - it's till rough at times. Blessings and wishes for peace.

  2. Aaahhh just lovely photos and memories!

  3. Time heals, and normality slowly returns. I lost a loved one very tragiclly about 10 years ago, and it gets easier.
    I love your pics, and thank you for showing your concern about my Archie, in your time of sorrow.

    Bright Blessings

  4. so sorry to read about your dad, time does heal but the memories will never fade.