9 December 2008

Get It Done Challenge

Next year, 2009, I have every intention of finishing off some of the things I have started over the last few years. With that in mind, I have started another blog: the GetItDoneChallenge.

I will start by selecting a project to finish, posting a photo of where I am up to, progress reports, then finally, the finished poject.

Would you like to join me? Your craft doesn't have to be quilting. You may be a knitter, a weaver, in fact any craft! As long as you intend to play by the rules (which will be fairly relaxed, btw) you will be welcome.

I will open the blog for all members of the challenge to post their work, the same way that I will be doing. Naturally, I will limit numbers to a reasonable amount. (We don't want 100 posts a month, after all!)

Love to have you on the team. We might even have some mini in-house challenges and prizes during the year!



  1. Anonymous9/12/08 22:03

    Such a good idea. I must join in, cant garentee that I will ever get to finish all my UFP's though. xxx

  2. Hi Lindi,

    Please count me in. I've got way too many UFO's, maybe this will spur me on to get some finished.

  3. Count me in....as I need to continue to ...get it done! Lots of UFO's in my cupboards.

  4. Hi Lindi. I did email you but don't know where it went. I know it's late, but can I come play? I have plenty of UFO's, maybe even a few too many. LOL