3 December 2008

I have been in love with the look of quilts made using this pattern, for ages. Marilyn even had a giveaway on her blog for the pattern, but I wasn't lucky enough to win it.

However, I have so often left comments on her blog, particularly about her 4PSP quilts, that she knew how badly I wanted it. So look what she generously sent me - my own pattern! And it wasn't even a giveaway on her blog! How lucky am I? And how generous is Marilyn?

Guess what my next project to be started will be?



  1. Anonymous3/12/08 23:46

    Ohhhhh Lindi that looks a really beautiful quilt pattern , Plz show me a very large photo when you finish it.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing your quilt made with the pattern. I forgot to add a warning with the pattern. It is seriously addicting. You will look at fabric a totally different way as in "I wonder how that would look in a