31 December 2008

New Award

I have just been given this new award by Jane. Thank you, Jane!

On accepting this award, I am to name 5 reasons why I love Christmas.
Well, finding reasons to love Christmas is easy. The hard part is limiting it to 5 - which I shan't do!

I love Christmas because of the magic and excitement in the air.
I love the smells of cinnamon, baking, puddings and shortbread;
I love the secrecy and teasing about what people have bought as gifts;
I love the extra thoughtfulness and generosity that seems to abound at this time of year;
I love the sparkle and fun of all the decorations;
I love the music, the carols and the Christmas songs;
I love the wonder on the faces of the young ones, as they absorb it all;
I love the feelings of connectedness that most people share;
I love the getting together of family: sharing the joy, sharing the love, and sharing the contentedness of Christmas.

But most of all, I love the wonder and feelings of peace that settle in my heart and soul at this special time.

And now I pass this award on to others, sending with it, all of those wonderful things.

To Di, who not only feels the spirit of Christmas, but shares it so well, and finds so many wonderful things to glitz up our blogs;
To Sooziii, whi runs such a fun decorate your blog for Christmas comp;
To Susan , who spreads the Christmas fun not only through her blog, but by sharing her fabulously decorated home with visitors.

Thank you ladies, for adding to the Christmas Spirit!



  1. Happy New Year may 2009 be a year when I write to you more. hugs

  2. thanks Lindi - you couldn't leave any reasons for the rest of us ? oh well I may just have to paraphrase LOL

  3. Hugs to you Lindi and congrats on your award! I really like your new look for your blog!
    Thanks for popping by and for your NY wishes...I wish you blessings, peace and happiness for 2009 also.
    hugs to you,
    Robyn xx

  4. Thank you for visiting my Blog.
    And a Happy Blessed & Peaceful
    NEW YEAR to you.

  5. oh I love your new banner

  6. Lindi,congrats on your award!
    love your new banner

    Julia ♥