5 January 2009

A post for Pennie

Pennie has started a new blog to display all her Matroushkas. Her aim is to post a set each day this year. In the unlikely event that she runs out of sets to post, she will buy more!
Pennie may have the largest collection of Russian dolls out of any of us - maybe even the largest in the world. (Have you ever investigated that possibility, Pennie?)

But does she have these? I received them the other day as a Christmas present from a very good friend!

They are made out of a beautiful glazed fine china. Definitely not for the Kinder to play with!

Sorry, Pennie, they can't come to stay with you, but you can have one of the gnomes, if you like.



  1. Love the Santa Matroushkas!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Just came from visiting Pennie, I look forward to seeing how many there are. Your santa ones are really georgeous! Happy New Year!

  3. MMMmmmmmm... Now Lindi, them theres darn fightin words what you wrote on you Blog! Them those Santas would be a lot happier surrounded by others similar!
    The Weihnachtsmann are really wonderful... do they open up??

  4. lol Yes, Pennie, they do! But don't worry, they have 2 sets of wooden Santa Matroushkas and a few of other varieties to keep them company.

    You are still the winner, though. I'm quite envious of all yours!

  5. oh I love them. I collect too but don't hve many