8 February 2009

Fires and Floods

Update Wednesday morning: 181 now confirmed dead. Many in hospital, severely burnt. Well over 1,000 homes gone. Some areas still unable to be reached to confirm survivors or dead. No saying how many animals have lost their lives. Fires still burn fiercely approaching new towns.
People are being told if they see smoke, get out. If they see flames, stay and defend as it's too late to get out.


If any of you are in prayer circles, please add Australia to your prayers.
Currently we are experiencing incredible flooding in Queensland and devastating fires in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.
25 lives have been lost in fires in Victoria, with more dead expected to be found once areas behind the fire lines can be accessed.
On top of phenominal temperatures well in their 40s (110 + farenheit), strong winds are blowing in Victoria.
Small towns have been destroyed, as well as countless farms and homes.
Please pray for our firefighters, people living in those areas, and our livestock, pets and native animals.

Update 8pm Sunday night: 66 lives lost, many injured, 700 homes destroyed. And the fires still rage out of control and threaten even more towns. Some areas are now experiencing lightening storms, and consequently, fresh fires are starting from lightening strikes.
At the other end of the continent, a little boy has disappeared in flood water, the suspected victim of a crocodile. 2 people are missing from a car swept away by flood waters.
Autralians are rallying as they always do. Until it ends, we are limited as to what we can do as individuals. But we are ready.



  1. Yes, Lindi - let's hope our prayers are answered and it all stops - so much tragedy!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. We are a land of such extremes and sadly they are all in play at the moment.

    Let us hope the southerly that has been promised will help all those wonderful souls who are fighting against such a terrify adversary.

  3. I will certainly pray....I have heard it on the news just today....Maine

  4. Oh Lindi,
    It's so sad..
    Prayers for everyone over there...
    Julia ♥

  5. Anonymous8/2/09 22:00

    Be safe my friend. xxxx
    Here in the UK we hear about it on the news - I have never witnessed a bush fire and it sounds awful. You are all in my thoughts. xxx

  6. Lindi,
    The loss of lives is devastating! You are all in my prayers.


  7. Your country will be in my prayers!

  8. I am so sorry for the loss of lives. So sorry for those who have lost their homes. May God have mercy on Australia.

  9. Our prayers are with you all.
    Those who hae lost loved ones They are what can never be replaced. and the days must seem very dark ...but there is light at the end of the
    tunnel. so my prayers are with them as they go
    through this time