2 February 2009


UFOs? What UFOs?

I know I should be doing something on a UFO, but how could I resist these Fairy Frost jewels?
They were calling me.
Like sirens.
I had to answer.

Besides, there were only 60 x 5" charm squares. They wanted to be cut in two.
So I did.
But then they wanted to be joined.
So I did that too.

Aren't they the most beautiful colours you have ever seen?
Would you have been able to resist?

Now they want to be pressed and cut in two again.
I think they will have to wait....


  1. Beautiful colors - I can see why you had to buy them. :) blessings, marlene

  2. Anonymous3/2/09 01:47

    Lovely charm squares. And such beautiful colors.
    Lol- UFO's you are just as bad as me!!!! xxx

  3. Ah the lure of the 'siren's song' .... now tell me again what is a UFO?

  4. Oh how funny...love the colors...mmmm....don't you love the feel of a piece of new material in your hand...no resistance...oh if we could just keep up with them...have fun with them..Maine

  5. tut tut, so I guess you are now going to call it a ufo. You are not a good influence.

    nice colours tho.

  6. Tsk, tsk, tsk, (back of hand to forehead) what are we to do. Our own mother (GID) is leading us astray. LOL Beautiful fabrics! We are serious addicts aren't we.

  7. What quilter can resist a new project to get the quilting mojo going? Will follow this project and see what becomes of these pretty fabrics, keep us posted