8 January 2010

and the winner is.....

Well done, everyone! I had a smile at all of them, but I narrowed it down to 2 finalists, based on the laugh factor.

And the winner is:

Linda who said:

This is a hoot, Lindi!
snoli - This is what happens when you lose your footing in the snow and land on your bum. "Wow, was that a snoli!"
Another gessess - This is how many times I'm going to try to win your giveaway! "I'm making lots of gessess!"

The Runner up is Sooziii, who said:

Ah the words they give us .... Obontly

The duke and duchess were rowed obontly downstream toward their summer residence.....
One should always be obont when one is a member of the aristoracy.

Congrats, Ladies! Just email your snail mail addy to me, and I'll send you something for your originality. :)


  1. What a hoot. Congrats to the ladies who won!

  2. Oh wow - thank you!!