1 January 2010


No, I haven't forgotten the 0 in the number. :)
210 was the number of my last post, and the first post for this year! How's that for co-incidence?
So I decided to run another Giveaway. The first for 2010.

Some of you were around when I ran a comp involving your given word verification. Remember? You can check it out here. I got some great responses and it was a lot of fun.

This time, though, I'm going to do it a little differently. Marlene did a post recently, giving meanings to some of the word verifications she had been given.

So that is what you have to do! Leave a comment with the word verification you have been given, and give it a meaning. :) The funnier, the better! You can enter more than once if you wish.

I will draw the winner next Friday. The prize? It will be a surprise!



  1. Hi Lindi
    Happy New year
    Word Verifacation was
    "candoit" Really it was
    I can do anything I want
    Trying to think of something funny but can't
    Maybe it is telling me that this year I can learn to do all that fancy stuff on my Blog

  2. Oh my gosh, There is no word for me to verify. maybe it will show up once I hit send.

  3. dismshed - that's the word that I had to verify but as I said, it didn't show up until I his "post comment."
    The word is the opposite to shed or shedding. So therefore, as in long-haired cats, it will not make a mess at anytime, anywhere it lays it's little head - dismshed.

  4. Mmmm now lets see what they throw up at me...


    MMmm okay now...

    Really! Everybody Shouldn't Slide Into New-year Goggle-eyed.

    Or maybe I should just put a 'd' in front and go do it!

  5. Happy New Year! My word verification is Oppho.

    Oppho sounds to me like a new kind of Dog food. Or Oppho, better get maaco!

  6. fatedl
    sounds almost liked a deadly fate.....
    or can we turn it around to cup half full and say....fated to life.....and love and liberty and libation and lads and the odd lemon, and licks from Moggie...essential, and no lack and heaps of living.

  7. I often gets a laugh when the word verification come. This time it is CHYPEC. This make me think of something out of cyberspace, probably somthing about blogging between friends.

  8. Hi Lindi - I'm not seeing a word verification on this. :( Will it come up later? blessings, marlene Oops, there it came! It's ressesse - I think that means I need a recess (play time) really, really bad!

  9. This is a hoot, Lindi!

    snoli - This is what happens when you lose your footing in the snow and land on your bum. "Wow, was that a snoli!"

    gessess - This is how many times I'm going to try to win your giveaway! "I'm making lots of gessess!"

  10. I tried before, but my post hasn't worked for some reason! Happy 2010 to you Lindi, what an exciting year you have ahead of you :O)

    Word Verification: Beviv.. which means 'Be vivacious :O) or is that Be Viscious??? or viscous??? who knows, but be viv!

  11. What will I get?
    ectizi -- I am in ectizi! More than one ectasy?
    Oh, wouldn't that be nice?
    I cannot spell correctly tonight. Sorry.

  12. Anonymous3/1/10 15:59

    O-tay, gonna try this again! It's persnicky tonight. Anywho, Happy New Year and may you and yours enjoy all the best life has to offer. Let's see if I can get a word...hold on, be right back... okay first one was parcerolo - panicking artist roots cellars entertaining rappers on live outings!

  13. Ah the words they give us .... Obontly

    The duke and duchess were rowed obontly downstream toward their summer residence.....

    One should always be obont when one is a member of the aristoracy.

  14. Well the word I got was conte - spose that means I am "almost" content but not quite there!! PRobably pretty appropriate to how I am feeling at the moment actually.