17 January 2010


Well, I've finished making what I was making with the 2 fabrics I showed you, but unfortunately, I can't reveal it yet, because:

1. My camera battery needs recharging and I can't find the charger....
2. It is a gift and the receiver just might decide to read my blog and see it!

I can show you what I made with some scraps, though...

Yes, it's an ATC (Artist Trading Card). I haven't made any of these for almost a year, so it was really lovely to just "play" with scraps and beads again!

[btw I don't know how the colours show up on your monitors, but on mine, they are more purple than they are in reality.]


PS Tomorrow is a big day! Stay tuned....



  1. Hi Lindi
    Can you explain to me about the ATC
    Looks good
    Thankyou for your messages

  2. An ATC (Artist Trading Card) is a small card 3.5" by 2.5" which is like a replacement business card between art/crafters. It can be made out of paper or fabric and allows you to trial ideas on a small scale. They are then exchanged between artist/crafters and collected. On the back, you put your name, the title of the card if there is one, sometimes your email or web site, and if you have done more than one the same, the number in the series e.g. 1 of 6

  3. Anonymous17/1/10 21:58

    Hi Lindi, love your ATC Card...I have not made any for over a year as well.....Warm Regards Lyn