18 January 2010

Snips and Snails?

DD had her 20 week ultrasound today and we, as the Grandparents, were allowed in to watch the whole time! The baby is healthy and all measurements and vitals are good. It was casually sucking it's little fist and generally behaving quite well.

We had our fingers crossed that we would find out what colour we were getting. :)

Well, this little darling wasn't being very cooperative, no matter how much poking and prodding was done. However, the radiologist "thinks" it may be a boy! He has told DD she can come back in a fortnight and have another go at checking, but we're all thinking, that if he "thinks" it is a boy, then it is! :)
Of course, Nana had to buy these cute little socks while she was doing the grocery shopping afterwards, didn't she?



  1. Girls can wear blue any how Nana

  2. Anonymous18/1/10 22:11

    Our little Sophie had those in red,won't be long and you will meet your little grandchild in person. Thank you also for the lovely comment you left on Janet's blog about me winning her giveaway, I am over the moon.


  3. Just as long as the little one is healthy. How wonderful for the grandparents to watch an ultrasound. Exciting days of planning ahead...

  4. How exciting Lindi..
    Boy or girl...they are so precious, you will love the little so much..
    Julia ♥

  5. Aww... I am at 20 weeks and just had an ultrasound and found out that we are having another girl! Congrats to you, Nana!

  6. How cute! It must have been so wonderful to be there for the ultrasound, even if you still don't know the sex of your DD's little bub. I can recall the excitement of seeing my granddaughter for the first time on ultrasound - and that was just when we played the DVD on our TV.

  7. Congratulations to you, too, Taya! How exciting for you. :)