25 January 2010

Memories of Genevieve

As I sort through Mum and Dad's things, I'm finding memories just keep flooding back.
Going through old photos, I came across this photo. It was probably taken in the early 60s, but I can't remember which year, exactly.
When Dad got his yearly holiday, we usually went north to stay with his parents at Lismore. This particular year, Dad decided to take a day tour up to Coolangatta to Gilltrap's Auto Museum, because they were advertising that they had "Genevieve", the car from the movie of the same name, on show. We had all seen the movie and loved it.
I remember getting to the museum and wondering what sort of museum it was. It was just a huge tin shed, in my eyes!
But inside, oh wonder! Cars, bicycles, stuff I knew not what. But the highlight was Genevieve! And we could have our photo taken in her! I remember feeling awed that I could actually sit in the famous car. My first brush with fame! lol

Mum and Dad in the top photo

My Sister and I in the bottom photo. I'm driving.

Poster from the movie

"The plot of the thoroughly captivating British comedy Genevieve can be summed up in a sentence: Two young couples participate in the Vintage Car Rally, a yearly race from London to Brighton. The title "character" is the 1904 Darracq auto owned by John Gregson and Dinah Sheridan. The couple's friendly rivals are Kenneth More and Kay Kendall, the latter graduating to stardom on the basis of this film. At first treating the race as a lark, the two couples become increasingly--and hilariously--competitive as they near the finishing line. Among the film's plethora of small pleasures are Joyce Grenfell as a wry hotel proprietress and Arthur Wontner as an elderly car fancier. Despite the many technical gaffes and continuity errors overlooked by director Henry Cornelius, Genevieve is a uniquely British delight from beginning to end, its charm enhanced by the uncredited harmonica score of American expatriate Larry Adler. The film was a moneymaker in every country that it played, and a multi-award winner in England and abroad."

I wonder what happened to Gilltrap's Auto Museum? It doesn't appear to still be around on the Gold Coast. And I wonder what happened to Genevieve?

Footnote: Thanks to Christine, we now know where Genevieve is. click here


  1. I remember going to Gillitraps in the early 60's as well Lindi and having my photograph taken in one of the cars - not sure that it was Genevieve though. Robyn

  2. I'm ashamed to admit that I have never heard of that movie ... and my parents absolutely ADORED english film of that period. How could I have missed that one I wonder ?

  3. http://www.donbrockway.com/Genevieve's%20History.htm

    Here is the answer - it tells Genevieve's story.