31 March 2010

Be Be Bold Japanese

Last visit up north, I drove across to Lismore to see the lovely Jane at Be Be Bold, and I purchased these goodies.

A metre each of the red and blue, probably for bags or maybe for clothes for Grandson when he is a little older;

This lovely 14" panel with a repeat design. I'll make a very simple hanging from this. Maybe just hem and hang from a bamboo rod.

This really cool skirt - Jane wears one frequently and it looks great!

A pre-printed sashiko piece. I have already started it and am loving doing it!
This lovely border panel (the background is a rich teal - it doesn't show up very well here)

Finally, this oliver +s pattern (for my Grandson, of course!) and a cute tortoise print to use when I eventually make it for him.
Jane has lots of goodies on her web site -  I have ordered more! - so check it out. I also follow Jane's Blog. She's a very lovely person, and interesting and clever as well. She has put a followers link on the side bar at my urging, so add her to the blogs you follow. :)



  1. oh my goodness another post lovely purchases and what's this you have me off spending money shame on you,cheers Vickie

  2. Some cute lovelies in these last few posts, including the grandson and Mother to be.
    Love these spots. What is it about simple things???
    So beautiful.

  3. Lots of pretty fabric! A gal in our guild showed a sashiko piece she is working on.

  4. Anonymous13/4/10 22:13

    Well, thank you Lindi and dare I say it the feeling is mutual....I will try to get braver with leaving comments which would be more fitting to the name Be Be Bold!