31 March 2010

Another UFO Finished

Second UFO finished for the year! All I had to do to this one was bind it.
I bought the quilt top about 3 years ago, on ebay, and had it quilted 2 years ago with an allover rose pattern. I wonder why it has taken so long to bind it?

It is actually square, but the breeze made it a little difficult to photograph properly.


  1. oh my gosh you posted on your blog...lovely quilt ermm umm maybe it took so long 'cause you have been distracted elsewhere eh? cheers Vickie

  2. Lindi It is lovely
    I love the colours so pretty

  3. Oh, you're a hand quilter too!? I've a large project in mind for myself and may need to pick your brain for quilting ideas. It's nice to know a few people are keeping up that lovely hand tradition. Good for you!

  4. You've done a wonderful job with this quilt, Lindi - it's simply gorgeous! Of course I'm a "pink tragic" :-))

  5. It's so pretty Lindi..Isn't it amazing..all it needed was the binding, great finish!
    Julia ♥

  6. Love the colors! I love the background on your blog, too.