22 March 2010

Time keeps March ing along....

I can hardly believe it has been over a month since my last post! Where did February go? Where has most of March disappeared to?
Lots has happened here to keep us very busy. I have been shopping with DD for baby things, sorting through fabrics with her to choose what I'll use for baby quilts, working on a couple of UFOs - one nearly finished! - and driving north to stay with my DSister and bringing a car load of Mum and Dad's things back with me.

DH has been spending long hours working on a new contract. We were quite enjoying the fact that he was home each day, even though we had no income, and we were living off savings. We have decided we are ready for a retirement of sorts, so we are now looking for alternatives to the long day, work slog.

So, here is a "snapshot" of my time away from the blog.

DD (and my Grandson) at approx 26 weeks pregnancy

Front view of a Take-along-tabbie that I made for DGS
I got the idea from Linda, who got the instructions from Arlette

Back view: I used flannel for a different texture

A cute little ring I treated myself to. Just couldn't resist! :)
I bought it on Etsy

And of course, I hit the plastic when the craft show came to town!

Some lovely silk "hankies" and some beautiful cords for fibre art. I bought these and some Jacquard Lumiere paints from Unique Stitching.

This you-bewt multi-use ruler from Aussie Patches. Great for using with jelly rolls and strips. I probably would have passed it by, only I arrived at their booth just as they were demonstrating it to another shopper. It's fabulous! I know I'm going to have fun with it. :)

Then, of course, I had to stop by BeBeBoldJapanese and check out all the lovelies that Jane stocks!

I bought this cute little owl pattern, some fat quarters (already 'absorbed' in my sewing room, a bag kit (I'll show you when I make it) and some cord.

Jane is located in Lismore, so when I headed up to my Sister's, I drove across to visit her - and of course, bought more lovelies! I'll show them off later. :)


  1. well you sure did make up for your absence with a lovely long post.
    Daughter looks healthy and all your goodies look great.
    Waiting to see what comes from them.

  2. It looks like mum and bub are steadily growing. So nice to know everyone is progressing smoothly. And how fun that you made a Tag-a-long too! The first one I made was cotton and Minkee; the second one I made was cotton and flannel. He'll love it. Looks like you had some shopping fun too. All is right in the world, isn't it?

  3. Your DD looks beautiful and healthy..
    you must be so excited Lindi..
    That ruler looks like it would be fun to use...must check it out at our next show..
    Julia ♥

  4. I have searched the 'net for that Jelly Monster and can't find it. Do they have a website? Gadget Gurus took me to all sorts of high tech sites but no quilting goodness.....I would love to know more about it.