26 April 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

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Last week I showed a photo of my Mum as a Debutante, so this week, I thought I'd share a photo of my Dad in his Air Force uniform, and then one of my Mum and Dad's Wedding.

Dad gave this photo to Mum before they were married

Mum and Dad on their Wedding Day January 1954

I love these photos. They look so young and eager to face life together - to totally enjoy all that it had to offer.
They always had the attitude that life was there to enjoy no matter what, and that things would always work out for the best.

My treasure isn't just the photos - it is having had these 2 wonderful people as parents. They really were amazing parents - THE BEST!

                                                             Love you Mum and Dad. Missing you so very much.


  1. Such special treasures today! Xx

  2. Such a lovely post. Beautiful photos and they too were blessed to have a daughter who loved and treasured them in return.

  3. Such wonderful photos , they show the love that is between them and you are fortunate to have had wonderful parents .

  4. Hello Lindi,

    Lots of beautiful memories you have shared with us, Happy days.

  5. this post=The Best well said,cheers Vickie

  6. What beautiful photographs - Your parents were obviously amazing people who you love and adore very much. True treasures :-)

  7. Your photos are lovely. A special reminder that our parents were once just like us and not always parents.

  8. Fabulous photos, they are a very attractive couple and look so happy. Thank you very much for sharing them with us.