17 April 2011

Where Does One Start?

Where does one Start?
After being away for some time, it is a hard decision to make. Do I try to fill in the gaps of the past year, or do I simply pick up from here and move on?
Apart from the day to day, what major events have occurred?
Answer: a few. :)
Maybe I'll start with the wedding of my Son and his lovely Bride.

In 2008, G and D got engaged, much to our delight. They had planned the wedding for 2009, but all during that year, they couldn't make up their minds as to what sort of wedding they really wanted. One week, one of them would want a formal wedding but the other didn't, then the next week, their positions would be reversed. They wanted an outdoor wedding....no they wanted it indoors somewhere nice.....they wanted to invite everyone.....no they only wanted 12 at a restaurant. And so it went on, with no actual wedding date, no final decision on the wedding.... I just left them to it, and said when you decide, let me know. lol

As previous readers will know, in April last year, they decided to pack up and move....across the water to Tasmania! Still no wedding decision........

The air and food in Tasmania is rather wonderful - magic! Anyway, it worked it's magic on these two, and a little girl was conceived. Both agreed they wanted to get married before she was born. Initially, it was to be a simple wedding in the park (in Tassie) with lunch back at their house. Anyone who wanted to travel down to Tassie would be welcome. Sounded good, and quite simple.
But I should have expected a change of plan(s)! They then decided to fly back here, get married at the registry office and go out for lunch - just parents and siblings and their partners.
That led to them thinking they could have a celebratory, bring your own, BBQ in our backyard the next day, for family and friends.
That sounded to me as though it was going to be work for me anyway, so I suggested a back yard wedding with BBQ, bring your own drinks, no pressies. They were delighted with that idea! :) I had just over 6 weeks to organise the wedding - make invites and send them out, organise decorations, menu, bouquets, bridesmaid's dress, cake........

On Sunday the 12th September, 2010, D and G were married. :)

The Bride and Bridesmaid

The Groom

Part of the Backyard Decorated
The Vows

The Rings  - G chose to have one of my Dad's rings for his Wedding Ring
The Happy Couple

The Wedding Cake

It was a lovely day. The sun shone, everyone enjoyed themselves, the Bride and Groom got to relax and have fun, and everything went smoothly. So many commented that it was the best wedding they had ever been to, and more importantly, D and G declared it a perfect day - exactly what they wanted!


  1. How wonderful to see photos of the big day at last. They look so very happy, and little Millie must be the "icing on the cake" for them! Welcome back to blogland, Lindi :-))

  2. Great to have you back blogging. Must follow the good example and do more - trouble is nothing much happens here at little old Lenswood. LOL!!

  3. Welcome Back Lindi..Thanks for sharing your family pics the wedding looked Great...6 weeks oh you poor thing...sounds like it went well..
    How's Nannahood...

  4. now stay back here ok..wonderful to see you post..gorgeous couple..excellent day,cheers Vickie

  5. What a great day for a wedding...lovely couple!

  6. Anonymous18/4/11 08:07

    What a lovely story, wish them all the best and welcome back Lindi