19 April 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

My Beautiful Mum
I once took part in Melody's Tuesday Treasures. I enjoyed looking at what people treasured, so I have rejoined.
This is a photo of my Mum when she made her debut. Dad loved this photo, too. He insisted that it hang on their bedroom wall. I have it sitting on a cupboard in my loungeroom, so I can look at it every day.
Wasn't she beautiful?
It's a pity about all the reflections showing up on the camera, but I don't normally see them. :)



  1. It certainly is a beautiful photograph. No wonder your Dad loved it so much. Thanks for sharing it today.

  2. Yes, she was beautiful, Lindi. And if the genes her daughter has inherited are anything to go by I think she was beautiful on the inside as well :-)) What a treasure to look at every day and keep her memory well and truly alive. xx

  3. Anonymous19/4/11 11:24

    Linda she is stunning,beatutiful pic

  4. Hello Lindi,

    A truly beautiful photo of your Mum.
    Happy days.

  5. It is a lovely photo. Your mum looks beautiful and very happy.

  6. Gorgeous photo Lindi Cheers Kaylee

  7. Such an elegant time - Gorgeous photo no wonder you want to see it every day. Enjoy

  8. Your Mom is a beautiful lady and I can understand your Dad wanting it hung on the wall it is a gorgeous picture.

  9. Thank you so much for joining in Tuesday Treasures and sharing this beautiful photo.