3 May 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

This week, Melody has suggested we post a photo of our pets. Unfortunately, I don't have any at the moment, so I will share some photos of my beautiful Minka, who passed away (cancer) on the 21st November, 2008(on the day of Dad's funeral) aged 15 and a half years.
These photos are real treasures - my link to the most wonderful cat that ever existed. She was/is more than a pet to me. She was my companion, friend and sister/daughter. We had a very special bond. Those of you with extra special relationships with animals will understand. I still miss her so very much. As much as any family member who has passed on.

Her first Christmas, helping me decorate the tree. She continued to help every year although as she got older, she was content to play with things on the floor.

Sunning herself on a hand-dyed velvet cushion which she claimed as her own. :)

Quilt inspector....

I think it passes....

Loving the sun



  1. Awww, she certainly looks like a sweet little girl! I lost my beloved almost 16 year old cat last year to liver disease, and know exactly how you feel. There will never be another Max, he was the most special little guy to me in the whole world.


  2. What a beautiful little girl. I understand your love for her completely. Thank you so much for being part of this special Tuesday Treasures.

  3. Hello Lindi,

    Oh I do love that first photo - lots of great memories.
    Happy days.

  4. Lindi Minka was beautiful with that lovely jet black fur. I understand how much you miss her but weren't we blessed to have had such a special animal in our lives.

  5. What a beauty was Minka. Your pictures brought a tear to my eye. They are such wonderful companions.

  6. Minka looks so lovely in her photos. I can see why you called her Minka. Her coat is gorgeous.

  7. Our pets are part of our family so their loss is felt just as much, my dogs are the children I have never had.

  8. I just adore black cats and have had one or two over the years. You must miss her heaps.

  9. Minka was a special cat and so nice you had her in your life to provide you with years of love and lots of cuddles and I can understand how much you miss her .

  10. I love your description of her not just being a pet. I've often thought that some people have pets and others have furry family members. I love black cats, when I was young I had one called Tarragon. Minka looks like a real darling, the tree photo is priceless!!