10 May 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

Once again, I have joined in Melody's Tuesday Treasures. :)

This week, my treasure is this lovely old sideboard that belonged to my Great Grandmother Jobling. She died before my first birthday, so I don't have any memories of her, but I do remember this sideboard being used in my Grandmother's laundry. (She had no room for it anywhere else.)
At some stage during its laundry days, it was painted over with a lead based paint. I did try to remove it when my Grandmother gave it to me, many years ago, but it was a very difficult task with all that carving, so I gave up and learnt to live with the shabby look. :) One day, I will pay to get it done professionally. You can see the lovely old stain and varnish on the drawers, where I have done some paint removal.
The mirror isn't part of the sideboard, but is one my Dad was given and I snapped it up as the perfect addition. Mum can remember there being a big mirror and little drawers on the top piece, but they never came to live in the laundry. Perhaps one of Nana's sisters took those for a bedroom.
Inside, I keep the best china as well as those lovely treasured pieces of crockery handed down through the family.

The doors and drawers are all hand carved. They look symmetrical, but when you examine them closely, you can see small discrepencies in sizes or curves. These flaws make it even more endearing to me.
I have many things to link me to the past and to some of my ancestors and this is one of those extra special things.



  1. WOW Lindi I can see that looking so glorious in it's original state, a lovely treasure. Cheers Kaylee

  2. This is really beautiful, you are so lucky to have these links to your past. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. What a lovely sideboard. The carving is marvelous. I only have a few small items from the past. The mirror looks great on it too.

  4. I have one almost identical to yours. Mine was painted green and a friends husband did it up.It belonged to a friend of the family who left it to my mother.

  5. It's gorgeous Lindy. I love it and the mirror and I love that it's still wearing it's history. Lovely post.

  6. Hi Lindy,
    I too have one almost identical. I was lucky enough to get it when one of our couontry churches closed down. It looks really good all done up.
    Yours looks good as it is too..

  7. What an heirloom. A gorgeous piece of furntiure.

  8. I love it , what a gorgeous piece and all that amazing carving , you are so fortunate to have this little piece of history!The mirror does look wonderful with it.

  9. What a lovely sideboard and so special to have something that's been in your family for a long time. The carving is beautiful.