17 June 2011

Something finished

I am not a knitter. In fact, apart from doing a small sample square in sewing when I was young, I have never knitted anything. I had an Aunt who did beautiful knitting for us kids and teens, so why bother?
I did make a crocheted top and some berets back in the 70s, but nothing since.

Then I saw this wool......

and just had to buy it.

I was going to make a crocheted scarf, but my daughter commented that it would look good as a poncho for my Grandson.....
I searched on the internet (wonderful place!) and found a very simple pattern, which could be crocheted or knitted. I tried a couple of rows crocheted, but it was just too thick and bulky, so I decided to give knitting a go. After all, I only needed to make 2 rectangles and stitch them together!

It has only taken me 4 evenings! :)

Can't wait to give it to him and see how it looks! :)


  1. Oh wow...that is awesome!!

  2. Poncho Looks gorgeous Miss Lindi, well odne girl..now onto the bed socks hehehe,cheers Vickie

  3. Pretty good looking poncho there. Now you can knit other things for your little grandson.

  4. Well look at you diversifying...can you make a bigger one for me????

  5. Fantastic Lindy, now the sky is your oyster!! Looking forward to the next knitted post!

  6. Great Job...Love the Colours in the Ball.
    Your Grandson will look soo Cute in his new Poncho...

  7. I'm like you, Lindi. I've tried a bit of crochet; I've tried a bit of knitting, but it really doesn't seem to be "my thing." But also like you, I could easily be attracted to a particular yarn, and off I'd go. What you've done is just super. And in only four evenings? I'm really impressed. Very well done!

  8. oh well done you muticraftual little clever clogs