21 June 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

This week, I want to share these little cups and the normal size Fortune Telling Cup. My Mother gave me these many years ago, when she was culling her china ready to move north.

The little white and floral cup is Salisbury Fine Bone China (made in England) and is called "Bill Heather" - the flowers are sprigs of Heather.
The little blue one at the back is a thicker china in a lovely warm blue glaze with gold rim. It only has a gold stamp on the bottom that says Italy.
The little oriental set in the front has no stamp or markings but is a very fine, delicate porcelain. It has a rippled edge which would make it difficult to drink out of.
The remaining two are my favourites....

 This one is a tiny pottery coffee cup made by Martin Boyd (potter) of the famous Boyd family of potters and artists. I have been told that Arthur Boyd, the painter, often painted pottery in Martin's workshop, but they were always signed as Martin's works. I wonder who really did paint my little piece? :)

This one has been a favourite of mine since my Dad brought it back from his Mother's place when I was a teenager. It is a Fortune Telling cup, complete with interpretative book. I have never seen one of these anywhere in real life ,although I have occasionally found one or two on England's ebay with Australian regd numbers. Mine does not have Australian regd so it was probably sold in England and brought out here. I have never seen them sold as a cup and saucer set with booklet. :)

 The stamp says Ye Olde English, Grosvenor China, Jackson & Gosling, England, Made in England and a number.
I think perhaps this cup came from a friend of my Grandmother's, as apparently, when my Dad was single and in the Air Force, based many miles away, my Grandmother always had tea with a friend who told her her fortune from the tea leaves. She always knew when Dad would be home on leave, and would have his favourite meal ready.  It's a lovely story, and I was always assured it was perfectly true. :)

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  1. What beautiful treasures. I have a treasury of tea cups too :-)
    They are all so pretty, I like them all and the Martin Boyd one is particularly interesting.
    Have a wonderful week :-)

  2. I love your cups and saucers Lindi...real treasures and the tea reading cup is fascinating. I have never seen one like that before and with the book as well. Lovely post.

  3. thankyou for sharing your cups they are truly delightful..have a bit of a fancy to nice china teacups myself..wow that fortune telling one sure is a gem,cheers Vickie

  4. Hi lovely Lindi, beautiful things you are sharing this week. Thanks for playing along.

  5. What fabulous cups. They are very different to the usual. The fortune telling cup is very interesting.

  6. such lovely cups.... the fortune telling one has such a great story with it.... do you use it?

  7. Very interesting post Lindi , the cups are all lovely but my favorite would have to be the Martin Boyd or was it Arthur;-) I also love the story about the tea reading cup , so neat to also have the book to help interpret the leaves. My grandmother was very good at reading the tea leaves too.