5 September 2011

Another book published...

I just have to share this news! and OK, I admit - do a little advertising :)

Earlier this year, my DH published his first book - a personal development style book.

Now, he has finally published his first novel! So exciting!
It is called "To the Honour of the Kings" and is available from CreateSpace ( a division of Amazon which pays him more ) or Amazon (where you can read a synopsis and a little of the book). It is also available on the Amazon UK site and the Amazon German site.

I can't help being proud of him. He started writing many years ago and is finally seeing things come to fruition.


  1. How fantastic that Wayne is living his dream!

  2. Congratulations to Wayne. What an achievement. Must look at the link and have a read. (ps I didn't know you had a blog)

  3. Anonymous5/9/11 12:56

    Congratulations and all the best

  4. Congratulations. How brilliant. I'm off to Amazon to read about it.

  5. lovely post Miss and yes a very talented man you have there..so happy for you both after all this time he is in paid print..cheers Vickie

  6. Congratulations to Mr.QT what an Achievement for Him...

  7. That is absolutely fantastic... just shows we should all try and follow our dreams..