14 September 2011

Thank Yous, Grandson and Bags...

First of all, Thank you to all those who commented on my last couple of posts. I had saved the comment notifications to email you all individually as soon as I got a chance, but over the last 2 days, my gmail has been freezing when trying to send. Wayne also thanks you for those lovely comments on his book. :)

What have I been doing? Well I have been doing
*tax preparation :(
*Minding my Grandson while his Mum does Uni assignments :))

Hello Mummy. I'm having a really good time playing with Nana and Pa.

Nana doesn't really need these pegs. I'll just fill my bucket.

* and making 2 bags - one of which will be chosen by a friend for her birthday pressie from her Hubby. :)

I have not made the straps as yet, as she wants the strap to go across her body. The one she doesn't choose, will be for me (at last! A bag made by me, for me! lol) and I want a much shorter strap.
I honestly don't know which one I hope she doesn't choose! LOL

Bag #1 from a pattern by Nicole Mallalieu ("Panel Bag")

Bag inside out - pockets on one side
The lining is actually a lovely pale patterned beige, not quilter's muslin or calico as it looks here. 

Bag inside out - phone pocket with extra stiffening
(I don't know why this ended up sideways. The photo wasn't! lol)

Bag #2 based on a pattern I purchased from BeBeBold a couple of years ago, with design alterations by me.

Bag inside out - one side

Bag inside out other side

It's been a great 10 days for me! I do have lots of blogs and such to catch up on though. ;)



  1. Your grandson is a cutie...love your bags...they are soooo wonderful!

  2. Both bags are lovely. I like the little touches you put on the pockets. You must be having a lot of fun with your grandson. Mine is so very far away...

  3. Such sweet photos of your grandson!! Both bags are so beautiful!! You've made it hard fir your friend to choose. I like the way you did inside outside shots.

  4. Grandsons are the best Lindi... yours is a little cutie....
    Those bags are gorgeous....

  5. Those photos of M are just the sweetest! I'm glad I'm not having to choose between those bags - both absolutely gorgeous!

  6. he is a cutie, bags look awesome ..ah huh what if she takes both hehehe,cheers Vickie