21 September 2011

Techy pouches

I love my Kindle. I am a lover of the feel and smell of books, and I didn't think I'd ever really enjoy an e-reader, but my kindle is wonderful!
When I bought it, I could not afford a case and light, so I have simply carried it unprotected in my bag. Risky, but there you go.

So, over the weekend, I decided it was time to make a pouch for it. I am very happy with how it turned out. The fabric is a hand dyed piece a friend dyed, and I have lined it in purple. It has double layers of batting front and back to give it more protection, and it fits snugly inside, with 3 velcro strips to keep it closed.

Kindle pouch

Once my Kindle had a pouch, I decided my Samsung Galaxy S android phone needed a case too. It does have a screen protector and a skin on the back to give it more grip, and in handbags it sits happily in a pocket. My problem is when I take a large bag with me, and my poor phone just floats around inside.
So yesterday....tada!
More hand dyed fabric from my friend. I quilted this one with Aurifil thread - just a simple wavy design.
I love the little glass flower decoration on the securing strap. The strap itself is held by a small piece of velcro - quick and easy to open!

Mobile phone pouch

Next to do, is a slip case for my laptop, followed by a satchel to carry it in. I'm going to use this pattern. I love Nicole Mallalieu's patterns. They are very well set out and explained with professional tips for their construction and finishing.

What pouches do you have for your techy things? Do you prefer to make them, or buy them ready made?


  1. Clever! Your pouches are so pretty, and the fact that your friend hand dyed the fabrics makes them even more special. My DiPad has a bought cover, but I would love to make myself a couple of pouches for my phone and iPod one day. You've inspired me, Lindi :-))

  2. Practical yet beautiful, what more could you want.

  3. Oh....you did good...love the covers (pouches)...

  4. I love what you have done, but I feel so left behind! I am so un-techno!! The nearest thing I have to being techno-savvy is my lap top!!!! lol.. I have only just worked out what a kindle is...

  5. These are very pretty totes/pouches, Lindi. You can feel very proud of yourself as you use them. As to your question, "What pouches do you have for your techy things?" Well, one would have to HAVE techy things in order to have pouches! Enjoy your Kindle. Enjoy your Android phone. THIS quilter isn't blessed to own such things!