20 September 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

Today, I am sharing 2 of my favourite ornaments.

The first one is a Lladro figurine I inherited from my Mum. She had it for many many years, and it always reminded us of my daughter when she was a girl- the same delicate features and sweet little face.

Lladro figurine that belonged to my Mum
  The second one is a fairy doll I bought last year when shopping for silk flowers for my Son's and Daughter-in-Law's wedding, which we had in our backyard.
She is so sweet and angelic in all her white, with little crystals sparkling on her garments. I couldn't resist her!
Ice Fairy Doll

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  1. Two very beautiful figurines this week. So delicate - just lovely.

  2. Lladro make beautiful figurines Lindi, we both have sweet faced figurines on today, I had put my Hummel collection on before I read your post. Your Ice Fairy is lovely also, certainly too hard to resist. Cheers R.

  3. Love Lladro figurines...they are always so delicate looking and a beautiful fairy...just perfect. Love your special treasures Lindi.

  4. I had never heard of a Lladro figurine Lindi (just a simple country girl!!lol), but yours is lovely.. I also like the little fairy..
    Beautiful treasures..

  5. I love your fairy doll.it looks like it can fly like a butterfly.

  6. Beautiful ornaments I love Lladro figurines too!