23 January 2012

Cushion for Master M

Felt like a break from cutting out Swoon blocks today, so I whipped up this cushion for my Grandson's bed. He has just moved out of his cot and into a toddler bed (small bed made from transformed cot) and is very pleased with himself....so much so, that his Mum only has to say "it's time for bed, now" and he heads straight off and gets into his bed. :)
I wonder how long that will last? lol

Front....Hoot Owl fabric with aqua and orange sides

Back with aqua and brown sides, plus a strip of Hoot Owl for the buttons

I think he will like it! :)

I'm also working on a quilt for my Sister's 50th birthday (she is 55 next month!). I'm using a Hoffman Bali Pop (in greens, purple/mauve, blue/greens and lemon) and sewing 4 strips together into tubes. Almost done that part - next is cutting with my new Omnigrid Quarter Square Triangle ruler....

What are you working on this week?


  1. Now your grandson has an extra special reason to get into bed. The fabrics are wonderful.
    I hope we get to see the quilt you are making for your sister.

  2. I bet your grandson loves his cushion! It's so fun and bright!

  3. How cute....love grandkids...they are the best..just love anything Gramma does.