3 February 2012

Birthdays, Quilt tops and Giveaways....

Five years ago, for my Sister's 50th birthday, I promised her a quilt. Fortunately, she knew there was a waiting list of promised quilts and it would be a while.....
She won't get it in time for her 55th this month, because I don't have enough hand control to do any quilting yet, but at least the top is now finished! :)

I don't  know how intense the colours appear on your screen, but on mine, they seem rather washed out. I used a Hoffman Bali (Batik) Pop in beautiful greens, lemon, purple and a bit of blue. The colours sing!
:(  It's hard to get accurate photos atm as it is overcast and raining outside, the artificial light alters the colours, and there is not enough natural light to get a decent photo. But you get the idea.
On the side borders, I have added some interlocking diamonds in purple and lemon, using my diamond Flip-la-K template.  This is the first time I have used it, and I love the effect, so I will definitely be using it again!

Talking of Birthdays, my friend Melody over at thehouseonthesideofthehilll, is clebrating her birthday today. Happy Happy Birthday, Melody!
Generous person that she always is, Melody is having a giveaway! Pop on over and wish her a Happy Birthday and enter her giveaway. I'd suggest yoiu check her blog while there. She does awesome work, and has lots of interesting links as well. You might want to follow her, too. :)

What else have I been doing?
I did find a dozen 2.5" jelly roll strips in dark blues the other day, so I decided to put them together a la 1600 quilt method....

This only measures about 30" square, so I will do something further with this. I'm just not sure what, yet. :) I may treat it as a piece of fabric and cut it up, or I may add borders.... For now, it can sit on my UFO trolley for later....


Finally, while I was at the UFO trolley, I found 11 rows of 12 charm squares that I had sewn together a month ago, so I decided to join them last night, before going to bed.

This was made from 3 pcks of Moda's 3 Sisters Roman Holiday charm squares. I would like the quilt a little bigger, i think, so i will be on the hunt, now, for more fabric...either Roman Holiday, or something to blend, or a combination....i am open to creative suggestions! ;)



  1. Lindi you are Achieving so Much Well Done.
    I can Vision your Quilt with it's Gorgeous Colours it looks Great..Love the Diamond Effect on the Borders.
    Your last pic of the charm sq's looks Beautiful.
    Sounds like you are Feeling Well at the moment.
    Take Care

  2. Anonymous12/2/12 12:34

    You have been very busy, love top for your sister...