9 January 2012

Jelly Roll 1600 Quilt....

I have been watching with interest, as some bloggers have shared photos of their 1600 quilts, made with jelly rolls. Some I have loved, enough to try one for myself. I have a few jelly rolls, but most of them I have plans for, so I chose this Hoffman Bali Pop: Berry Bliss, and away I went. I must admit, it was fun!
(The colours are better in real life...I couldn't get the lighting right to photograph with my phone camera)

Finished piecing....well, supposedly.....

Side view got me thinking.........

Unpicked the top 7 rows and stitched them across the side

Different view.......

I have further plans for this quilt, but it involves a little stencilling and painting, so will have to wait until I have better use of my hands. :)



  1. I think these quilts are fun! The idea of chopping and changing it really looks great! Stencilling sound wonderful!

  2. I like your unique take on it and can't wait to see it completed.

  3. What are you up to??? :) Can't wait to see!