10 January 2012

Swoon-along with Katy

I've just bought this pattern from The Fatquarter Shop and I am joining Katy at Imagingermonkey  in her Swoon-along. She has set up a Flickr group for us, to post pics of our blocks, and to discuss making the quilt. There are also going to be prizes!

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I'm not sure what fabrics I'll use yet, but I'll have fun deciding.

Tempted to join us?



  1. Anonymous10/1/12 22:31

    That looks challenging and fun! If I could only excavate my sewing room, I'd join in...

  2. Tempted? Absolutely! Resisting? Absolutely! This is the year to finish. Not start new. I'll live vicariously, thank you, so be sure to show us your progress.

  3. oh I love your blog dress very pretty, still thinking