1 January 2012

New Year Giveaway

Happy New Year, Everyone! Wishing you all a wonderful, inspiring, creative, happy, healthy 2012. :)

My friend Sally, has a great idea. She gives each year a word.... read her recent post here.
I love  the idea, so last night and this morning, I gave serious consideration to what word I would choose for 2012.
I wanted something that would reflect the challenges I will face this year with my health and treatment of CSS, but also something that would reflect the opportunities for personal growth, accomplishing doing things that I currently can't do because of CSS, and the chance to lay the groundwork to make big changes in my attitudes and lifestyle for the future.

Not easy to find that one word. :)
forward evolution accomplishment advance triumph remodel progression reformation transformation metamorphisis  .....these all could be applied. I just don't know which to use. Maybe there is a better word I haven't thought of.....any suggestions? I'll ponder on this for a little while, I think.....

So, this is where the giveaway comes in.
1. Leave a comment telling me what YOU hope for in this year.....either in one word or in a few...
2. If you are a follower, leave another comment telling me so, and you get an extra entry.

That's it!

And the prize, you ask? Well, I am not in a position to make anything yet, so I have raided my stash and gift box, and come up with this.......and I might even add some more....

  I had to be quick, because Miss M decided to investigate....
she approved, by the way. :)



  1. The word I've chosen this year is simplify....Last year was a very complicated and stressful time for me so this year I'm simplifying my life and chilling out :) Barb.

  2. The word I've chosen for this year is Kindness. I am going to try really hard to let is guide every choice I make this year.

  3. I thought I was a follower but when I checked I found I wasn't, so now I am!

  4. A great idea - last year I chose 'relax' - I felt I had to learn not to worry too much about all the little things, so 'relax' it was - I think I achieved part of it anyway. This year - I need to 'focus' - you can guess that I often wander off onto other things instead of what I'm doing. So Focus is my word for this year.

  5. I like simplify Barb, I guess that's what this move to Dubbo is all about.
    Will add that to my short list.

  6. My word is Support - my husband and my sister need this right now!

  7. Lindi I'm a follower. My word for this year is Calm. After a horrific year of depression last year, this year all will be calm - I hope.
    Hugs Ruth

  8. already one of your stalkers..hehehe

  9. create, move forward, survive,- not going into the horror year that has ended ... just hoping for a better 2012

  10. Like you Lindi I struggle to find a word that adequately captures not just my goals but my intent. I'm thinking maybe "priorities". I've become quite enamoured with the quote "If it's important to you, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse." I'm trying to examine the things I find excuses for and work out why they're not important. In some cases, they're just not important; in some cases, I have my priorities wrong.
    In your case, I like the word metamorphosis. It always makes me think of butterflies.

  11. I wasn't a follower, but I am now, 'cause I like your attitude :-)