7 January 2012

Progress on quilt....and a WINNER!

I expected this quilt top to take quite a while, but a couple of sleepless nights and a body that co-operated with me spending hours at the sewing machine has resulted in progress!
I have yet to add borders....I had to order fabric online and it probably won't get here until the end of the week....a chocolate narrow inner border, and a blue border from one of the prints in the range (Cherish Nature by Deb Strain for Moda).

I am calling it RENEWAL as that is the word I have chosen for 2012. Eggs and Butterflies = change and metamorphisis, bees for the network of supportive family and friends, the layout to represent 2 steps forward, one step backward still equals forward momentum....



 .....And now for the winner of my little giveaway...........

I have tried to capture the picture of the Random Number Generator to show you, but there doesn't seem to be any where to upload it and move it onto here, on my laptop, so you will have to take my word for it.....

The winner is comment number 5:  Joy  V, who said: "A great idea - last year I chose 'relax' - I felt I had to learn not to worry too much about all the little things, so 'relax' it was - I think I achieved part of it anyway. This year - I need to 'focus' - you can guess that I often wander off onto other things instead of what I'm doing. So Focus is my word for this year."

Joy, email your snail mail addy to me, and your goodies will be finding their way to you. :)

Thanks for playing, everyone. And welcome to the new followers. :)



  1. Your Renewal quilt is really lovely. I love al the special meanings it holds. Congratulations to Joy V.

  2. It is a gorgeous quilt Linid and a a great achievement well done.Congrats to Joy, cheers Vickie

  3. Congratulations to Joy