17 January 2012

Tuesday's Treasure

I haven't posted a Tuesday Treasure for a while, but last Friday, I did a clean out of my wardrobe, and when I came across this, memories came flooding back.

This manicure case belonged to my Mother, and I remember it lived in the top drawer of her dressing table, from the time we moved house when I was 12.
It was shabby even then, with only a little bit of polishing powder left in the tins, and the seude buffer already had a tear in one end. However, Mum still used it, and I remember feeling very priviledged to be allowed to use it when I was 15.
It still has the suede/velvet/powder smell I remember it having when I first saw it. Don't you love the memories aromas/fragrances can summon up?
I never thought to ask Mum how old she was when she got it, or if it had been a present. :(

The doily it is sitting on in this photo was embroidered by my Grandmother (Mum's Mum). She did the most beautiful embroidery...her padded satin stitch was/is the best I have ever seen, and her stem stitch was the tiniest of tiny stitching! I have lots of doilies and dressing table sets that she embroidered. All of them treasures, too.

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  1. I remember having a manicure set and they were something you couldn't wait to have. Yours is lovely and so special it belonged to your Mother. The doiley is gorgeous and I love the beautiful work in old embroidered linen.

  2. Such lovely treasures. How wonderful to have all those lovely memories of your mother and grandmother.

  3. Lovely treasures and wonderful memories go with them :-)

  4. You are so lucky to have these pieces of family history. And I agree fragrance is so evocative. When I smell certain scents, memories flood back.

  5. That is one beautiful treasure I love the doilies as well and have heaps handed down from Grandmother, Great Aunts and so on... I must look them out.

    I'm catching up as you can probably tell :-)