19 February 2012

Sewing for Miss A....

Miss A hasn't missed out, either. Of course, she isn't old enough for a bed yet, so I have time to do her a cushion and snake.

As my Son G, DIL D and Granddaughter Miss A (or Miss M if we use her abbreviated name) are moving back here from Tasmania (oh joy oh joy! ) in 2 weeks, I thought it would be nice to make a couple of summer tops/dresses for Miss A to wear in this warmer weather.

This little top is reversible....

Floral top....which can be turned inside out to...

a pink top!

This Care Bear top/mini dress has bear buttons added. When my hand is better and more co-operative, I will make 2 white bows and add them to the top, near the hemline at  the front sides.

Recent photos

She's such a happy little soul. Can hardly wait to get her here and give her lots and lots of cuddles. :)

And yes, there is more sewing to show and tell.....told you it has been a productive month!



  1. What darling dresses for an adorable, wanna-pinch-her-cheeks little girl. That hair - or lack of it - is just as precious as can be! The color! Yummy. I just want to cover her with smooches... so you do that for me, K?

  2. she will look so cute in them..so clever you are,cheers Vickie

  3. Very sweet dresses for a super sweet little girl, she will look lovely in them :-)