19 February 2012

For The "Big Boy Bed"

February has been a very productive month, so far, in my sewing room.

First up was this cushion for Master M (Grandson). He has moved out of his cot and into a "big boy bed" so Nana (moi) decided to make a cushion for him out of this lovely Hoot owl fabric. He loves Giggle and Hoot - a children's programme on ABC2 here in Australia.


 Then, of course, I made this snake, to be tucked in beside him to help prevent him falling out.... it really needs to be longer, to match its fatness, but it needed to fit in the bed, which is a toddler sized bed, not a single. I can add lengthe to it later if wanted. :)

I think the snake was a big hit! :))

I have made more, but I'll save them for other posts.


  1. Anonymous19/2/12 12:43

    Oh yes it sure looks like he loves it, what a great idea

  2. Cute snake, but even cuter is your grandie. What a doll! No way do you want that precious boy to fall out of bed! You're a thoughtful Nana.

  3. My Little Miss E has moved to that next stage too..Great Idea with the Snake and your Little Grandson is Gorgeous...
    oh Yes Giggle & Hoot are popular here too.
    Nice to hear you have been able to manage some sewing...
    Take Care

  4. That's a huge snake!! It was hard to see tell the scale in the first photo so it was a surprise to me. You grandson obviously loves it, so cute!!

  5. LOL I want one of those!!! :-)