1 June 2012

I am soooo in love!

I am sooo in love with this new purchase! I haven't seen this in any local shops, but when i saw it in Kate Quilts' shop, i just had to have some!

They are from the Washi Collection by Rashida Coleman Hale for Timeless Treasures  and i can hardly wait to get started on sewing with them. (btw the photos don't do them justice....they are excitingly divine! )
Can you tell how much in love with them, I am? lol

Kate also has some lovely organic fabrics that i am considering.... they are from Daisy Janie's organic fabrics Tilly Range.

Aren't they lovely?

BTW, you can also follow Kate's blog (she is also on Facebook). This is where she shares updates on new fabrics being stocked, and also book reviews of books she is getting in stock. Become a follower, so you don't miss out on anything! Word is, she is looking at a new range of organic fabics to stock. Can't wait! :))

Go on over and have a look! It's worth the visit. :)



  1. They have an oriental/sashiko feel about them.
    Now you have the hard decision of how to put them together.

  2. Delicious fabrics Lindi. Look forward to seeing what lovely creation you turn them into. Have fun.

  3. Those Washi collection prints are so modern! I love them too. Since it seems you're "going to the other side," will you be joining a Modern Quilt Guild soon?!